Super Bowl Cocktails

Super Bowl cocktails to host the ultimate Game Day party

When planning a Super Bowl party, Candra has you covered with a selection of Super Bowl cocktails so you can keep everyone happily refreshed! 

We’ve put together a curated selection of simple serves, batched cocktails, low-abv, and non-alcoholic crowd pleasers that are easy to make, yet will make your guests feel like you went the extra mile for them. These drinks will also allow you to enjoy the game rather than having to run around producing refills.

The Simple Serves – No Fuss Entertaining

The perfect recipes for when the game gets going. All the ease and practicality of a bottle of beer, but a lighter, citrusy alternative that will keep you refreshed all through the game. These simple three ingredient recipes combine spirit with fresh citrus and soda. Although originally the recipes call for particular base spirits, they can be customized and made with any spirit, so it’s easy to please all your guests.

Ranch Water

Ranch water





Low-Abv – The Session Drinks

It’s a long day of fun, so it’s good to keep an eye on how much alcohol you are consuming. That’s why these delicious lower strength cocktails are perfect for enjoying a day of sports watching. Just as full of flavour, but lighter in strength, make sure you have some of these recipes in your entertaining repertoire.

Hermosa Mimosa


Aperol Spritz


Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano

Large Format Batching – Prepare In Advance

These are the selection of drinks that allow you to put the effort in early, and then be able to enjoy the game and your guests company. Who says you can’t have amazing Super Bowl cocktails and make it look effortless?!

In this section of batched game day cocktails you have the choice of three game day drinks. A delicious self serve Punch. A Skinny Margarita that you’ll want not because it’s ‘skinny’ but because it tastes amazing! And a spirit forward Bottled Old Fashioned, of which you’ll be hoping there is some left over.



Skinny Margarita

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Non – Alcoholic

When you’re gathered to watch sports, you want everyone to feel part of the celebration. So whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, these drinks feel like a treat.

PBJ is as American as the Super bowl, and has become an internationally beloved flavour combination. You can’t go wrong with a Fresh Lemonade, and the Smashapple is a deliciously bright and fresh creation of ours. Both the Lemonade and Smashapple are actually great options for those who want something they can add a splash of their favourite spirit to!

PBJ Shake


Fresh Lemonade




Super Bowl Tunes

Sports day playlist

Every party needs good tunes! Even though the halftime show will provide musical entertainment, if you want to create the ideal atmosphere throughout the day, make sure you check out the Sports Day Playlist to make the most of your Super bowl.

The Candra Calculator

How to use the Calculator

We built the shopping list calculator, so you don’t have to waste time trying to guesstimate ingredients yourself! 

You’ll find it on every recipe page to help you generate an exact list of everything you need, no matter how many guests you are preparing for. It’s pretty straight forward but we made a little video to show you how to use it!

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