The Story Of The Fords Gin Bottle

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Reusing for Bottle Batching Cocktails

Glass is an expensive commodity, and although it can be recycled, we know that that process is far from perfect. Therefore, where possible, it’s far better to reuse and repurpose what we can in our lives to minimize the waste we produce. Not only should this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the clever people at Fords Gin have actually turned a good deed into a lesson in good drinking and good hospitality too.

The unique design of the Fords Gin bottle was not simply created to stand out on the shelf, it has real and practical applications for the home bartender and professional alike. We teamed up with Fords Gin to demonstrate just how to make the most of their bottle, even once it’s empty of their tasty Gin. 

Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at how the Fords Gin bottle came to be, and the ethos they took into the project. Designing it was a journey that went beyond the typical search for aesthetic. Instead, they saw it as an opportunity to challenge conventional design and take a deep dive into what the perfect bottle for making cocktails could be.

With this as his mission, Fords Gin founder Simon Ford, set off on a pilgrimage around the world to seek advice from over one-hundred of the world’s best and most experienced bartenders, and drink a few Martinis on the way of course. The question he had for each of them was simple, “What would the most ergonomic, practical and simply joyful bottle to work with look like?” 

The end result of all that feedback, all those opinions, the years of experience and a number of heavily tested mockups? The Fords Gin bottle you see on shelves, and hopefully in your hand, today.

Now let’s examine the bottle’s key features, from top to bottom.

For those that use a ‘speed pourer’, the bottle opening is perfectly sized to allow a snug fit avoiding annoying and wasteful drips! It has a long neck that can be easily held with a full hand; it’s specifically shaped to deliver a constant flow of liquid. There’s even a ridge around the base of the neck that acts as both a fill line, and makes holding the bottle by the neck even more comfortable and secure. 

Moving down from the neck, the channel in the middle of the bottle is not only key in creating the iconic Fords Gin bottle shape, it’s also a comfortable place to hold and maneuver the bottle when either pouring or repositioning. 

The bottom of the bottle is tapered to create a comfortable and well balanced area to hold the bottle when pouring, especially when using a jigger. It even makes grabbing the bottle from a higher shelf easier too. That’s right, even getting the bottle down off a high shelf comfortably  has been considered.

Finally, there’s one last trick up the sleeve of the Fords Gin bottle that is the reason for our collaboration. Running down the spine of the bottle is a convenient scale with exact measurements. This is helpful for inventory in the professional bar setting, but it has a more fun application too, batching bottled cocktails.

Usually you need measuring cups, a container and a swing top bottle for your batching. However, with the Fords Gin bottle you don’t need any of that. You don’t need to worry about a bottle to use, and you don’t even need to worry about measurements. Just follow our simple visual, written and video guides on Candra, and batch straight into your empty Fords Gin bottle.

Our shopping list calculator will even help you with the ingredients you need beyond Fords Gin. Simply follow the recipe, fill the bottle to each of the exact lines or markings indicated on the bottle, pop the lid back on, roll the bottle end-over-end to mix, chill and you’re done. Delicious cocktails ready to serve when you are! 

A pre-dinner Fords Gin Martini or Negroni, friends unexpectedly dropping in, wanting to take a bottle of something more interesting than wine to a friend’s house for dinner…Whatever the occasion, you’re ready for it all. 

We hope this article has motivated you to pick up a bottle of Fords Gin to both make cocktails with the Gin and in the bottle. Check out the Fords Gin page on Candra and get making a delicious Bottle Batched Negroni, a Bee’s Knees or even a perfect Gimlet!

Fords Gin Bottle Batched Negroni

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