TNT x Mashed

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TNT x Mashed

Candra featured in Mashed speaking on the trend of Tequila and Tonic.

The relatively recent trend of ordering and drinking the combination of tequila and tonic is a really great (and simple) alternative for a vodka soda drinker, especially if the aspect they are trying to change up is the base spirit. The sweetness from the tequila combines beautifully with the slight bitterness from the tonic, and it’s a simple cocktail to make.

Behind the bar we often hear ‘I don’t like tequila,’ which tends to come from a bad experience, generally involving too many shots of this spirit,” Andrew Shannon, former Edition Hotel General Bars Manager, London and Los Angeles & Co-Founder of Candra Drinks, tells Mashed. A TNT, however, will allow you to dip your toe into the agave world without defaulting to the traditional citrus-led tequila cocktails you’ve probably tried a million times. This drink may actually change your opinion on tequila. It’s really quite refreshing!

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