Top cocktail recipes

Top Cocktail Recipes

Some of tastiest and easy to make cocktails to create at home. Use our recipe cards, cocktail technique video’s to create brilliant cocktails, and our recipe calculator will help you calculate what you need to buy.

01. The Madeline

This recipe has so much complexity. Floral but dry, earthy yet fruity, and most importantly it’s deliciously drinkable! So we hope you enjoy it, AND it makes you think differently about mixing with brandy!

Madeline Cocktail

02. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

The Frozen Strawberry (or whatever berry you prefer) Margarita is neither of those things…it’s just fun, delicious, and transports your mind to a poolside where time ceases to exist, no matter when and where you are. 

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

03. Smashapple

So, we may be biased, but we think this might be the most delicious juice recipe on the planet! That is, unless you hate mint, despise grapefruit or reject apples! If so, who are you!? 


04. Royal Bitter Spritz

A deliciously fresh strawberry Spritz recipe that might have the look of something sweet and fruity, but it’s actually delightfully subtle, dry and clean on the palate with a light bitter finish.

Royal spritz

05. Skinny Margarita

We really want you to make this recipe, not because it’s ‘Skinny’, but because it’s such a damn good Margarita! 

This is a Margarita mix, which means you have the option of drinking it without adding booze, as a delicious Non-Alcoholic cocktail. It also makes life very easy when you’re entertaining, because all the work is done ahead of time.

Skinny Margarita

06. Marmalade Collins

A simple and delicious variation on the classic Collins, this drink takes on a different personality depending what base spirit you use. It even works without alcohol, served with a slice of toast for breakfast.

Marmalade Collins

07. French Spritz

A light and delicious Spritz recipe that’s ideal for a garden party, or when you’re sat inside with the heating on, dreaming of a garden party.

French spritz

08. Pink Gin & Soda

A long and refreshing modern take on the old simple classic Pink Gin recipe. Replacing the still water of the classic with lashings of Sparkling Water instead.

Pink Gin

09. Bottled Manhattan

It may be older than the Martini, but like that Dry Gin classic, this New York icon is also a drink that can be adapted to the personal preferences of the drinker.


10. Bottled Old Fashioned

A simple drink that perfectly epitomises the original definition of the ‘Cocktail’ – a combination of alcohol, water, sugar and bitters. Your choice of those simple ingredients will have a profound impact on the cocktail’s final character.

Old fashioned

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