Andy Shannon

Hey, so guys let me tell you a little more about myself, cringe I KNOW! and why I love cocktails and Candra; less cringe.

My name is Andy but everyone calls me Shandy (Andy Shannon, you get it). I began my career working as a freelance graphic designer, developing brand identities for small and medium sized businesses, but like many moved away from my 9-5 and into the wonderful and crazy bar industry, combining my design and hospitality skills. Firstly in Falmouth, Cornwall at the small, brilliant bar, Bar 8, which led me to work at East London’s award winning bar, Callooh Callay.

I then moved to Ian Schrager’s luxury lifestyle hotel the London EDITION, spending six years bartending and eventually running the London bars programme, where we won several prestigious national and international awards, I travelled the world taking over bars in city’s such as Singapore, Paris, NY, Miami and more, delivering the global advocacy and education programme ‘Punch on the road’, at key industry gatherings like Bar Convent Berlin, the Mexico Bar Show, and in iconic bars like NYC’s Dead Rabbit.

During those 6 years with EDITION I worked with a diverse and wonderful team creating many, many…many cocktails, working with advanced techniques and studying cocktail history. As well as building successful teams I was lucky enough to help open the Sanya EDITION (China), which would later lead me to open the highly regarded West Hollywood EDITION in Los Angeles, working as the GM for The Roof Bar, Restaurant and Pool. Following on from that is when we, in 2020 created Candra and began this journey. I’ll save the details of that story for another day.

So that’s a little bit about my work history. My personal life has been very exciting recently with a new addition to my family with the birth of my daughter Kira which leads us nicely to my cocktail selection for this weekend with the Kira Royale a drink created for her top of the list.

I’ve also included a few of my favourite and most drunk cocktails, the Dry Martini – I blame Seb! and thank Natalia for saving me from them on many occasions. I have mine with gin, very dry and a lemon twist, though I do love a Gibson – a little wetter with cocktail onions, mmmm! Also on this weeks list is the Red Hook Café, a twist on a Red Hook, itself a twist on the Sweet Manhattan another of my favourite cocktails, and one I have tattooed on my arm! There are a few more of my favourite cocktails included but you’ll see the Negroni is not one of them…not a cocktail for me!

I hope you make a few this weekend and thank you again for following us on this journey! We really love cocktails, the people and culture surrounding them and thank you for your support

Andy Shannon

How much juice can you squeeze from a lemon?!

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