Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge

My name is Seb and it’s my turn to tell you a little bit about myself.

I began my career as a professional bartender in mid-90s England, at the beginning of the exciting modern cocktail renaissance. We were all learning and discovering so much so quickly, and working out ways to encourage people to put down their beer or wine and get exited about cocktails. 

From bartending I struck out on my own as an independent consultant for the next 13 years. I worked with numerous world renowned spirit brands to deliver cocktail and bartender education along with innovative cocktail strategies. Alongside working with spirit brands I was also consulting on bar openings and rebrands, before opening and running my own successful establishments. One of which is where I first met Andy.

I’ve also always enjoyed writing and have had the opportunity to do quite a lot of it. From brand engagement and educational materials to drink strategies and books on cocktail cultures past and present. I even wrote an award winning college course in Professional Bartending. All this experience means that writing articles for Candra is both a natural and enjoyable process. Especially alongside Natalia and Andy. 

I worked as the Global Ambassador for the iconic gin brands of Beefeater and Plymouth Gin. This prestigious role took me around the world for nearly nine years. In fact it was on a work trip to Mexico City where I would meet Natalia.

Regularly speaking at high profile events, judging the world’s best bartenders in competitions, and sharing my knowledge and passion for cocktails, spirits and hospitality, it was nine years that would change my life and eventually move me from London to Los Angeles.

All of these experiences happily lead me to work with Natalia and Andy to build Candra for you. I took time to hone my photography skills, and develop my filming and editing. Joyfully channeling my art college days into our cocktail companions; they weren’t wasted days after all!

We hope you enjoy Canda as much as we enjoy building it.


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